The whole process of buying a home can be daunting. The need to apply for loans, mortgages, going through all the paperwork, and making sure everything is going towards the right direction in making your dream of buying a new home a reality. Once the paperwork for the house is done and keys are in your hands, you may think the headaches and the frustrations end. This is far from the truth. There are so many other things that need to be looked into before you can actually move into this new home. Making it an easier process, given below are a few things that need to be done.

Changing out the old locks

Out of all the things this is the most important. It is imperative that you change out all the old locks with new ones and change the electronic alarm codes as well. There may have been many people who had access to this house when it was still owned by the previous owner. Making it easy for anyone who was given a key before to enter into your home, and the last thing you would want to be dealing with is an unauthorized person entering your home.Repairing of the broken

Every house has an inspection done after it has been bought. Assessing the whole house for things that need repairing and replacing is done to make sure the seller has done his/her part in making the home a positive place to live in. If the report in fact indicates of needing changes, be it getting electric or plumbing services, the seller usually offers credit to take care of these tasks.

House is not waterproof

If the area you’ve bought the house in is prone to a lot of rain, then it’s best you check all the gutters and downspouts for any clogging, to make sure no water will be getting into the basement. In addition, do not forget to check on the sub pump. If the pump seems to be older than six years, then it is best to invest in a new one and fix it in with a back-up system in case of any cuts in electricity. These may be hard to install yourself, therefore it is best to get help from plumbing services.


Meeting and getting to know your neighbors is a must. It is necessary to be in talking and friendly terms with the people living around you in case of certain emergencies. You never know, you may even become good friends towards the future.

There are many more tips to what you need to take care of when you first move into a new house, but the above tips are the most important and should be taken care of immediately.