If you are one of those people who works a full time job and are tired of it and yet you just happened to be very good at Facebook Twitter an Instagram you might want to start up online marketing company. You do not have to have much to start an online marketing company as you can do it in the comfort of your own home. How many big companies that are looking to have their Facebook pages that Twitter accounts and that Instagram accounts manage professionally because they do not have the right people in house to manage it for them. These companies are willing to pay big money in others have someone manage the company social media pages for them.

Plan ahead before you leave your company

While starting a social media company is very easy it is important that you plan well ahead and have a business setup in DMCC Dubai plan before you take the big step of leaving your full time. If needed, speak to a few business people and get some appropriate advice about starting your own company and what you will need.

You may need to have some money in the bank just in case before you leave your job. In any business you are unlikely to make much of a profit in the first few months and therefore you will need to expect to live off a zero profit for a minimum of 6 months after you have left. Have a professional draw up a business set up plan for you that will give you a rough idea about how long it will take for you to earn your money.

You will need to have a solid marketing plan that you will need to start working on before you have left your company. Make an effort to have at least two to three clients before you make the decision to leave your full time job. This way you will be able to make money for your new company before you have left your job and there for a while you are still earning a salary. Link here http://namaccountants.ae/audit-firms-in-dmcc/ for more information about an audit firm that offers forward thinking infrastructure.

You will be able to practice your online marketing by marketing your own company a few months ahead of actually starting it. Make the best of social media as you will be able to reach thousands of plans with $1 and the simple click of a button. Target your clients well. Remember that most of your plans are CEOs and marketing managers of companies and therefore they may not be on Facebook and Twitter and therefore you will need to expand your marketing to other avenues as well.