If your business is growing and your staff is growing, you might be considering a move to a newer and bigger office. Of course, this is a big milestone for your business and upgrading is always a good thing but it is important that you think twice before you take the plunge to move offices because sometimes, it is at the point of upgrading that a successful business can crash. You might at a point in your business where you are successfully bringing in a steady stream of money and therefore, you may feel confident that moving to a bigger office might be the best idea but it is important that you have all of your financials analyzed in detail by a professional before you shift.

Making the shifting process smoother

If you have analyzed all of your financials and made the decision that moving to a bigger office is the right step for your business, you will have a lot of things to think about in the next few weeks before your move. Moving offices is very different to moving homes because with moving homes, you will have a lot of time to prepare for your move and you can start packing boxes months ahead of your moving day but every minute that your staff spend on the moving process is time that your staff is not working on their core work and therefore, your business could be losing a lot of money if you have your staff work on moving from months or weeks before. It is advisable for you to hire a corporate moving services company well ahead of time that can come in and help you to pack things that are not used often in to boxes early. This will make the moving process a little less tedious. In these next few weeks, you will need to have your staff work on a minimalist basis and pack up everything that is not completely essential at the work place.

A portable storage and moving company will even offer to store the boxes that you have packed until moving day arrives so that you will have more space to work with inside the office. Having an office with a lot of space and a lot less clutter can help you to work easily and think clearly.

When packing up your things, it is important that the moving staff clearly label the boxes that they are packing because unpacking them after you have moved can be extremely difficult if they do not do this.