We have all been there. Eating a piece of cake and keeping it aside to nibble on later, only to return later and find the entire thing absolutely swarmed with ants. Not only cake you discover later, but just about anything they could reach. Needless to say, your food is now inedible as anyone who has bitten into an army of ants will tell you. It is simply too tedious to even think of plucking them out one by one, and at times it is a fruitless task. However, with the right methods it is possible to keep these pesky little insects at bay.


Given their ridiculously tiny size, it is hard to believe that they are capable of causing quite the uproar. Ants are some of the most densely populated creatures in the world and counting them all is a near impossible feat. Different seasons bring them out during different times of the year, and mostly exposed food. Firstly, covering your leftover food and storing them away in airtight containers can be extremely helpful, however there are also some other home remedies for ants control that you can look at implementing. Chalk has been proven to be highly effective due to calcium carbonate that is present and drawing lines across entrances could help. Flour is also a handy ingredient; sprinkle it in the problem areas and other nooks.


If your home seems to be infested by various types of creatures, then attempting to mitigate the ant problem is not going to be enough. You are better off eradicating all of them at once to ensure your home stays clean and hygienic. Many people resort to pest control where you must hire a professional company for their services and get them to come over. Using special chemicals they will treat all areas of your garden and house usually giving you a service guarantee of a few years as well. Be careful however, as these chemicals can be quite harsh.


No doubt ants control is one of the biggest pest control issues we face. As they are nimble and quite swift, it is difficult to contain them unless you are vigilant about the situation. The slightest lapse brings them out in the hundreds. To protect your food, another efficient method is to prop it up on a container and in turn, place the container in a bowl of water. This elevates the food away from the table, and the ants cannot cross the water across the plate keeping your food out of harm’s way.


As mentioned above, pest control in Abu Dhabi can be harmful to your health. If you have small children in particular you should be extra cautious as the chemicals can be inhaled. Ensure you follow all protocol they require such as vacating the house for a few hours to make way for them. You will also have to stay clear for a while after the job is done until it is safe for you to re-enter. Watch out for your garden as well as the chemicals can linger behind. Ask as many questions as you need to be clear on the whole procedure.