How To Have A Flat Stomach In A Week

One thing that any woman would love to have is a flat stomach. Regardless of the age, having a flat stomach makes you feel beautiful and slim. When there is a party or a special occasion around the end of the month and you got a bloated out stomach is when you realize that you got to work on trying to flatten it. Having a tummy that is out of shape could entirely change your appearance and will not make your clothes fit nicely. Here are a few things that can give you a flat tummy within a week if the instructions are strictly followed.
What to drink
Drinking a plenty of water is very important to have a flat stomach. Having less water in your body causes the body to retain water within making your stomach look bloated out. Therefore drink as much water as you can and to increase the flavor you could add a few cucumber slices or add orange or lime juice to it. One of the other great tummy-flattening drinks is green tea. Its antioxidants and fat burning power will reduce belly fat and this just before a workout could be very much effective. Additionally, watermelon smoothies, ginger added tea; peppermint tea can reduce the belly fat and reward you with a slimmer and a flat tummy without tummy tuck or liposuction Dubai.
Aerobics is the best way to reduce body fat. Its rigorous and continuous movements burn a very large amount of calories and help reduce belly fat. The two main approaches of reducing belly fat are cardio and crunches. Cardio involves rigorous and speed exercises while crunches include exercises for the front and sides of your abdomen. Most commonly known as stomach exercises or “sit-ups” crunches, can flatten your stomach within a week if followed properly. Take time to do a few push-up work outs and side planks for your core, as it is made of abdominal muscles, hips and lower back. Exercise does a great part when reducing body fat. If proper exercises are followed and if you could find time each day to follow them correctly from younger days, tummy tuck Dubai won’t be necessary in the latter parts of your life.
What to eat
One secret that many models and slim ladies won’t share is that they do not eat three large meals a day. Instead they have small and frequent meals a day or have snacks whenever hungry. Eating in small intervals and eating very slowly will make you feel full and increase the metabolism rate in your body, making you slimmer. Vegetables and fruits are definitely good for your health but as they could cause your stomach to stretch have them in little portions.