The front lines of a battle don’t necessarily have to be in a war zone out of the country. A simple crime fight could turn into an all-out battlefield in seconds if not handled correctly. Sometimes, death comes in ways that people can’t avoid. A good example of this is a sniper’s bullet. The only way that people can defend themselves against the long range shots of marksmen is to put themselves behind protective coverings. Bulletproof glass is a fine way to do this, especially on vehicles, and even on buildings and police tactical shields. Read this article for more information about car armoring companies.

A layman’s example

Of course, there is no such thing as glass that is utterly and completely bulletproof. Any glass or material can be broken with the right kind of power behind the shot. However, these technologies do help protect countless people from certain death every day. In order to understand how the glass in a bullet proof car works, you need to look at an example that is far closer to home and easier to understand. Think about the moment when you catch a baseball thrown at you in a game of catch. If it is thrown fast, you are going to move your hand with the ball once you catch it, allowing yourself to bring the ball to a stop over time. If you were to simply keep your hand stationary, you would end up feeling a small amount of pain.

The process

Glass, unlike a hand, is unable to move. This means that when a bullet is fired at normal glass, the glass shatters under the impact. However, the glass in a bullet proof car is made to do the exact opposite. The glass is toughened and placed in layers with layers of polycarbonate between them. This process is known as laminating. It can result in glass that it many times thicker and tougher than normal window class.

When a moving bullet hits the glass, it dissipates the energy from its motion into the layers, meaning that it has no energy to move through the glass. This causes it to drop dead in its tracks. However, if the bullet is traveling with enough momentum, it could actually overwhelm the breaking point of the glass and cause it to break. Depending on the glass manufacturer and number of layers, the required energy to break it is different. Bulletproof glass is more expensive than normal glass, but it is very worth the money spent because it does help to save a life.